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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Discovery of the seal of Prizren

British archives revealed an important document for the history of Albania , which shows first seal used by the League of Prizren .
FO-195/1382 reference document bearing the date May 2, 1881 , was first found by researcher Bejtullah archive Press in central London .
I wrote to the League of Prizren osmanisht document is addressed , the British ambassador in Istanbul who has passed after this letter to Foreign Minister .
Through this paper asks the League of Prizren British ambassador in Istanbul to mbeshteshe by intervening in the government for recognition of four Ottoman vilayets named Arnautlik .
" Dear Mr. Minister . And send this letter to your attention because it seems very interesting , " says Ambassador George Goschen in his accompanying letter sent to Foreign Minister Earl Granville .
Press researcher commented Bejtullah finding this document as a great historical significance because for the first time through his first seen seals used by the League of Prizren .
According to him, this seal is not mentioned or previously published .
Asked How could this documents reveal Press said : " Finding happened very occasionally when I looked in a folder that had anything to do with Vaso Pasha " . / Cannon -channel /
Clarification by historian Prof. Dr. Pirraku
Seal 's " League of Prizren " and " discovered " by historian ( he studied political science ) Bejtullah Press is identical , ie the same seal that published orientalist Iljaz Ins. Content stamp "discovered " by the Press is : " Xhem'ijjeti ittihadijje - of Prizren " meaning . " League of Prizren " , ie literally translated : " The League of Prizren Association " or " Union Association of Prizren " . Press text speaks not stamp "discovered " . Log evidenced by the Press , as seen from dating , is dated " 3 Nisan 97 " on the date 15 April 1881, according to our calendar and is likely to be identical ( or version ) of the document published by I. Rexha . English document is presented later . This seal is placed in the document published by I.Rexha the book : " The League of Prizren in Ottoman documents " , Pristina , 1978 , p . 121-123 , and facsimile osmanisht dock . nr. 60 . Both documents , as seen from calligraphy written by the same hand , but seem to have different outcome ( for precision rely on the opinion of the Orientalists : N.Krasniqi of S.Mehmeti , who made the reading of the stamp ) . Many researchers have called outcome document Myderriz hand Ymer Prizren .
For the sake of scientific reality , the text of " Seal " of " discovered " by the Press , has deciphered Iljaz Rexha , but not exactly , but rather the simulation of the function that has been chairman of the " League of Prizren " - Myderriz Ymer Prizren . I. Rexha text stamp " Xhem'ijjeti ittihadijje - of Prizren " the shqipëroi : "The Central Committee of the League of Prizren " , which , viewed from a functional perspective , not carry with it any material error , so , I followed without hesitation , in some scientific approach (supported also in the Croatian press ) as well as studying historiography : Ymer Myderriz Prizren - time , the heart and soul of the League from 1877 to 1887 , Pristina , 2003.364-370 . Indeed , the document bearing the seal of " discovered " by the Press , many historians have referred to the League of Prizren , also relying on extracts of Ottoman document in German . They also consider the document as " the Central Committee of the League of Prizren " , but did not speak to the seal . Haji seMyderriz known Ymer Prizren , first president and the only Ethnic Albania ( Natural ) " memorandum " of 15 April 1881 he wrote and sent , in addition to the highest Ottoman Empire ( wider version ) , the diplomatic Powers great to Europe in Istanbul . We find the published German -language document published Classifieds by : S. Pollo - S. Pulaha : Acts of the Albanian National Renaissance , Tirana , 1978 , 120-122 .
I believe that this is sufficient to clarify the truth to the rediscovery of the " Seal of the Albanian League of Prizren " , with sincere wishes for the very valuable work being done Sir Bejtullah Destani !

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